Wall system in action at the Other Art Fair

Wall system in action at the Other Art Fair

 The internal framework of the panels is shown above

The internal framework of the panels is shown above



You are welcome to use a courier of your choice, Freight can be received by our staff at the Venue on Tuesday 1st August and Wednesday 2nd August. Venue address is:  
Rogue Lifestyle c/o The Facility staff,
Rear 2 Chelmsford St,
Kensington, VIC, 3031  
Ph: (03) 9039 9933 or 0468475200

Bump In

Bump in from 9am - 1.30pm Wednesday 2nd August, Set up until 8.30pm.

Bump Out

Bump Out 4.00 - 8.30pm Saturday 5th August. 

Venue closed Sunday.

Venue open Monday 9am -11.30am, 7th August for delivery pick ups.


Corner of Eastwood St and Chelmsford St (where 2 Chelmsford street is on google maps) go down the driveway.

THERE IS NO WHERE TO TURN AROUND in this driveway so be prepared to reverse all the way out again.

The process

1. Approach the driveway entrance

2. Allowed entry only during your bump in slot (no earlier)

3. Drive all the way down almost to the end

4. Park to the left so you aren't blocking the driveway

5. Unpack items from car and put on trolleys on the loading dock (which is raised up)

6. Take items to your stand and unload trolleys

7. Return trolleys to loading dock

8. Reverse car out safely

9. Park car on the street

10. Come back on foot to style stand until 8.30pm latest. 

 Bump out and access for packing down

1. After 4pm Saturday pack down your stand as quickly as possible
2. Remove all nails etc from your wall and remove ALL rubbish
3. Take items to designated pick up area (There will be a separate area for courier pick ups Monday morning.)


With the above information in mind, please complete below form to let us know your bump in and delivery plans. You can always make delivery changes later. 


Wall Description

All stands are built from a system of white painted timber panels. Each panel is 1,000mm wide x 2,400mm high x 52mm thick; made from a wooden sub frame and 6mm smooth composite timber skins. The panels are flush finish, meaning they butt up against each other. You will see a join line where the panels butt up against each other.

Attachment Restrictions

Nails, small screws, pins, staples, velcro, blue-tac and adhesive tape are permitted. Removable vinyl decal may be applied, but no wallpaper, glue, or bolts are permitted. You can, however, staple your wallpaper to the panels.

Nailing/screwing into the walls can be done at any height, but heavy objects must be fixed at certain positions on the panel to ensure that you are achieving maximum holding strength by screwing/nailing into the internal support panels of the walls. We recommend that you use timber screws 25mm to 35mm long, and conventional picture hooks. Electric screwdrivers are OK.

There is a weight restriction of 25kg per panel. If you have objects heavier than 25kg, please let us know by cut off date Friday June 30th.

No cutting or drilling holes into panels is permitted. Nothing bigger than a 3mm hole (wood screw size) and no cutting or drilling. Your walls will be inspected before you are permitted to leave and if a panel is damaged beyond a 3mm hole or needs to be sanded back, you will be charged $150+GST on the spot for the purchase and waste removal of the panel. Any waste removal from your area will also be charged back to you at $50+ per piece so please return your wall to how you found it and take ALL of your belongings and rubbish with you.


Please let us know well in advance if you would like to paint your wall. There is a fee of $50 per linear metre for us to return it back to white.  Only one flat colour is permitted per panel (no murals or two tones). 


To separate your stand from your neighbours there are 2.4m high, 1m wide dividing walls. The dividing walls are 52mm thick. Please get in touch with us if you need exact dimensions of your back wall width.

Side Walls

Different to dividers, side walls are 1.6m high, as long as the depth of your stand and purchased separately for $400+GST. They are made from 30mm thick MDF and also come in white (or natural upon request). For stability there is an 800mm wide cross panel at the end of each side wall (adjacent to the front edge of your stand).


The floor of the Facility venue is smooth concrete. In one area the raw concrete is painted grey (see above image), and in another area it is painted black. Once the floorplan is released you will know your floor colour. You are permitted to bring carpets/rugs/vinyl as long as edges don't present a tripping hazard. 


Each stand comes with sufficient exhibitor lighting (see above image). 

Electrical Equipment

All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged before it is plugged into the power source. There will be a test and tag electrician on site and a cost of $10-$20 per item (paid to the electrician).


Where will my stand be positioned?

Although we will do our best to make sure you happy with your location at this intimate event, there are limited options and Rogue Lifestyle retains the right to make final decisions about the positioning of exhibitors to optimise the visitor experience. This approach is similar to events like The Finders Keepers and Big Design Market. (Ours is a trade-only event with no direct to public activity.)  We will be releasing the floor plan closer to the event. We do our best to make sure you have the stand configuration that suits you. We will not be giving out stand numbers, however there will be a easy-to-read printed map handed out to visitors at the event. 


What are the lighting and temperature conditions?

We will be heating the venue. Sufficient lighting will be provided (each back wall will have exhibitor lighting if necessary) but specialist lighting must be arranged and paid for by you. Please contact your account manager for more information.


What will be on offer during the event to entice retailers?

Including an impressive showcase of quality brands, we will be providing food, drinks and live entertainment in an atmosphere that aims to impress. Along with an array of informative business workshops we will also have live murals and photoshoots including styled showcase displays that include your products (at the choice of the stylist). 


Is the event open to public?

No, this is strictly a trade-only event. 


Who is the recommended furniture hire company?

Dann Event Hire is our furniture supplier with a broad range of furniture and display pieces and offer reduced delivery charges. 


Is there going to be wheelchair access?

Yes! Contact us for more information. 


How will visitor ticketing and registration be managed?

Preregistered visitors will be greeted with a pre-printed name tag, and those who haven't registered yet get their name tag printed on the spot. 


When will we know who else is exhibiting?

As invoices are paid in full, we will add official exhibitors to a public page on our website.


Can anyone exhibit at Rogue?

Rogue Lifestyle is a carefully curated trade show that is brand new and invitation-only. We hope to find the right mix of lifestyle fashion and product (60%) and kids fashion and product brands (40%). 


Can I bring a guest?

You are entitled to bring just one (non-industry) guest with you per day.


How are visitors going to register for the show?

Our website will facilitate visitor registration.


When will I receive my team’s badges/lanyards?

You will be able to collect these at registration when you arrive for bump in.


Is my badge valid from the duration of the show?

Yes, badges will be valid for all dates throughout the event dates (including bump in and pack up). Please wear your badge when entering, inside and leaving the venue.


Are there accessible toilet facilities and parent rooms?

There will be toilets and parent room facilities available and you will be able to access the locations when we release the Rogue map.


Will there be a photocopier there?

No, please be pre-organised with your order forms etc.


Will there be food and drink available?

Yes, most definitely! We will have a selection of food and drinks available, including coffee.


Will there be ATM facilities in the venue?

Most likely not.


Will there be transport options from the neighbouring shows?

Yes there will be. Stand by for more info. 


Please direct any further questions you may have to your account manager info@roguelifestyle.com.au